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SSD Cloud Hosting,Linux & Windows VPS, Dedicated Servers
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2000+ Cloud Servers Set up

1200+ Clients

7+ Cities Worldwide

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We Keep Your Business Growing – with best Business Cloud in the World.

Cloudpap offers the best and most reliable Cloud Servers / Cloudpaps (cloudpap is a Openstack powered SSD cloud virtual machines). Cloudpaps are available for startups, small busineses, medium enterprises and large corporate. Openstack allow creation of the most agile and scaleable cloud servers.

Major CAs including COMODO, VeriSign and GeoTrust have partnered with Cloudpap to provide the best and most affordable SSL certificates.


Cloud Servers and Cloud Hosting Simplified and Reliable!

Cloudpap Inc operates and leases data centers across the world with major presence in Phoenix and Kansas in USA, Gravelines in France, Montreal in Canada, Singapore in South Asia, Nairobi in Kenya and Bangalore in India.

Cloudpap also offers domain name registration and management at the best prices.Check out the hundreds of extensions available. Cloudpap also offers cheap and reliable shared hosting for website and Small and Medium business owners.

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