Reliable Data Backup


  • Supports iOS, Windows, Linux, Android
  • A Secure Solution. Keep your data safe with advanced ransomware protection
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Cloud backup and Recovery
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Cloud backup and Recovery


Reliable Data Backup
Cheapest Cloud Storage


  • Web, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android Access
  • Scalable from terabytes to tens of petabytes of data.
  • Encrypts data and ensures data authenticity
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Cheapest Cloud Storage
Complete business continuity assuarance


  • 15-second Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)
  • Remote and automated recovery options
  • Flexibility to support a variety of platforms
  • Complete protection that safeguards data, wherever it is
  • Control over your data’s location, authenticity and integrity
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Complete business continuity assuarance

Customer Stories

You just bought a new phone and you need to transfer  30GB of data from the old phone to the new phone?

Use your Computer  – how long will it take? Is it messy..? Cloudpap Phone Transfer is your solution. Transfer all the data from your old Iphone or Android to the new Iphone or Android in a click. Includes 100 GB free cloud storage for 30 days.

What would happen if your computer was attacked by ransom ware?

You would have to delete all the files and format the computer. Cloudpap provides cloud backup and storage that is ransomware protected. If your PC get ransomware infected – just format it and restore data from Cloudpap.

You just bought a new computer and you need to move 1000GB of data?

Try out a flash disk or external drive – how long will it take? How about if it is interrupted? Cloudpap Computer Transfer is your solution. Subscribe to Computer Transfer, backup the 1000GB of data, Restore the data to the new PC or Mac Book in a click– data safely and securely moved.

I want to Factory Reset my Phone and not lose my data, what do I do?

Get Cloudpap Phone Transfer, backup your phone data – you have upto 100GB for up to 30 days with no additional cost.

Factory Reset your Phone.

Restore your data from Cloudpap Phone Transfer Cloud Storage.

That is all you need to do.

Do you want one cloud backup storage for the your 3 devices?

Subscribe to Cloudpap Backup service that allows more than 1 device. Connect your devices to Cloudpap and enjoy the centralized Cloud Storage.

Is data on Cloudpap Safe?

Cloudpap cloud storage is very secure. Data on Cloudpap cloud backup and storage is encrypted with a high form of encryption algorithm – AES 128/256.

Want to backup your data hassle free, anytime you have connection?

Get Cloudpap data backup service, schedule the Cloudpap service to run when you need it to run and forget about it. Check out after a month a see if we ever failed to backup your files

Need to Transfer 1TB of data securely?

Do you have an idea how to? Install Cloudpap and initiate the Cloud backup – It may take a while depending on the type of data. As soon it’s successfully backed up, give access to the recipient of the data for fast restoration to their computers or server.

Running critical services on WMs – Xenserver, VSphere, KVM, Hyper-V and want to have backup and recovery service?

Cloudpap allows backup and restore of any number of VMs. Allow backup of any VM and restore to any VM, backup a Xenserver and restore to a VMware, Vsphere etc

Are you interested in VM’s data to another VM?

Backup the VM with Cloudpap and restore to the new VM (irrespective of the VM types)

Moving MSQL Application from one server to another?

Backup the MSQL application with Cloudpap and restore in the destination server securely.

Moving Office 365 application from one server to another?

Get Cloudpap to back up the Office365 application and restore into the destination server.

Benefits our Enterprise Solution Brings to Your Organization

Safeguard from ransomware

This is one of the few technologies available to detect and prevent unauthorized encryption of files.

Fastest recovery time

Our system recovery speeds are upto 50% faster than anyone else’s in the industry.

Save on storage cost

Save up to 60% on storage space thanks to our super compression technology.

Fastest backup time

Saves you up to 30% conventional backup time.


Deploy operating systems, software and data to tens or hundreds on same hardware or different hardware environment, saving up to 80%.

Bring your own device

Provide secure and safe access to data and allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Easy backup solution

Requires no training and is deploy-able in any scale.

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