COPY DATA from the Old to The New

Cloudpap offers you Phone, PC cloud and data transfer solution for your  Android Phone, Iphone, Windows PC and MacBook. Transfer data from your old phone to your new phone or from your old computer to new computer in a click. Comes with 30 days free cloud storage.


Back up all the data in your device seamlessly via WIFI.
Phone Transfer allow Android and Iphone users to backup data upto 100GB.
Computer Transfer allow Windows PC and MacBook users to backup up to 1000GB securely in the cloud.
The free storage is available for 30 days.


Phone Transfer allow IPhone and Android users to Restore data from the Cloud, old phone to the new phone in a click.
Computer Transfer allow Windows PC and MacBook users to restore data from old computers or cloud in a click.
Use cases
1. When you want to factory reset your phone.
2. When you want to format your computer
3. When moving data from your old phone tp new phone
4. When moving data from old computer to new computer.


Enjoy 30 days free cloud storage. Secure and Private.
Phone Transfer provides 100GB free Cloud Storage to Android and IPhone devices users for 30 days.
Computer Transfer provides 1000GB or 1TB free Cloud Storage to Windows PC and MacBook users for 30 days.
Within the 30 day period users can restore their data to their new devices.


1.Secure data transfer
2. Secure & Private Cloud Storage
3. Free Cloud Storage for 30 days
4. 99.99% Uptime of service.
5. 24/07 Expert Support.
6. Compatibility to latest Android & Iphone
7. Compatibility to latest Windows and Ios.
8. Seamless Android to Android phone data transfer.
9. Seamless Iphone to Iphone data transfer.
10. Seamless Windows to Windows Computer data transfer
11. Seamless MacBook to MacBook computer data transfer.

Choose a backup plan

Best priced personal backup plans

Phone Transfer


per device

  • Data transfer from one Smartphone to Another (Android or IPhone)
  • 100GB Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Storage free for 30 days

Computer Transfer



  • Data Transfer from one PC to Another (Windows or MacBook)
  • 1000GB Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Storage free for 30 days

Product Addons

website live backup


per website

server backup


per server

vm/vps backup


per device

workstation backup(+ 1TB)


per device

office 365


per seat



per device

hosted storage


per GB

cloudpap drive users


per user

dr ip


per IP

disaster recovery cloud


per GB

disaster recovery cloud


per 1 compute point running per hour

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