What is an SSD Storage
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Whenever you want to acquire a server, the first thing that come to mind is the specifications of that servers. One of the terms that you come across is the SSD drive or Solid State Device storage, which often promises to give you faster speed or your server and get data read or written in a record time.

What is SSD, and why does it matter?

Whether you have a Virtual or a dedicated server, the type of storage you choose for your server has implications on the speed of the server. This is because even if the processor can clock the highest speed possible, you still need to read and write data to and from the storage. This is where they type of storage you are using comes to play.

There are different types of storage devices that are available. It could be a hard disk drive (HDD), or even Solid State Device.

An SSD storage means that it is made up of semi conductors instead of a rotating disk. This is similar to the technology used in RAM, which makes it extremely fast to access data stored on the drive, compared to HDD. Some of the advantages of using SSD storage include:

  • SSD is very reliable because it has no moving parts.
  • SSD is faster, almost 100 times faster than HDD storage.
  • SSD consumes less power.
  • It is compact, hence occupying less space.

The downside of SSD storage is that it is more expensive compared to HDD storage.

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