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In this article we look at Top 5 Free Website Builders Compared, with little bias, this is based on experience by the team at Cloudpap. Free Website Builder is the most popular Website builder service of the Top 5 Free Website Builders Compared. After aggressive brand awareness campaigns globally, has bagged more than 100M users becoming a network and platform. In terms of number of clients, Wix has no match.

Wix presents a platform for web development that is simple to use, rich of features but at a fee that may not sustainable for many businesses.

100M users may be total user sign up at but active users at could be half that number. Let’s critique the basic package that goes for close to $5 per month

  • 500MB Disk space
  • Connect Domain
  • 1GB Bandwidth

500MB is more than enough for a modern website that will host images on Google Drive and Dropbox, host videos on Youtube and Vimeo.

Connect Domain

The ability to connect to a custom domain is super important for any website owner and it is ok.

1GB Bandwidth

This is the deal breaker. 1GB bandwidth is too low that most users leave WIX for this inconvenience.

Let’s assume your website is just 1MB is size- a simple website with little media object.

This website can only be loaded 1000 times before it exhaust its bandwidth within a month – this is a joke.

This could be 50 people who loaded your website 20times during browsing. Why would you pay $5 to for hosting a website that can only be accessed by 50 people?

According to, if you have more than 50 web visitors – you need to pay more. Pay at least $8 to serve your website for more than 1GB bandwidth. Website Builder

Squarespace is an old rival to and though it may not have as many customers as, Squarespace is very successful and serves millions of people around the world. Squarespace is leading in terms of the design and templates. Squarespace has thousands of excellent templates and blocks that allow user to create stunning websites.

Just one catch, has steep fees, the simplest package on Squarespace cost $16. This basic package comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth unlike in the case of personal package allow just two contributors to the website project while other of their packages allow unlimited users. Free Website Builder

Square owned is an old rival to Wix, Squarespace and Shopify. Weebly was not interesting till Square acquired it. Weebly right now is very interesting featuring exciting templates and blocks.

Weebly is really catching up with the top two and may be soon enough only Wix will be ahead of Weebly. Weebly has one of the friendliest pricing and only has better deals than Weebly.

Weebly has a free package that comes with a Weebly subdomain, free SSL Certificate and Basic Templates. Weebly is particularly stronger on Ecommerce. After acquisition by Square, Weebly has advance Ecommerce capabilities.

Ecommerce functionality are best provided in the first paid package – Pro package of $12 which allow you to accept payments. Website Builder

Shopify is a Canadian company that are the King of Ecommerce and Online Stores. Shopify has the most advanced online store functionality with shipping, payments, gifts, POS, label and all things that matter for an online store.

Shopify is not your choice for a simple website. For a simple website consider or The cheapest Shopify package goes for $29 and this is just an indicator why Shopify is for Online Stores. Free Website Builder is special. Its clear was created to address a gap left out by, Squarespace, Weebly and Let’s start with pricing, has most customer friendly pricing for all website builders. The free package allow creation of a website complete with all integration and any other thing you would need in a website. requires you to pay for the second website, the first website is free. also provides the cheapest domain name prices when compared to Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and Shopify.

You buy hundreds of domain name extensions on at the cheapest prices on earth.

Free DNS Manager provide a powerful DNS manager that allow you to manage your domain, you can connect your domain to other services such as G-suite, Domain Verification, Email Marketing Services among others. This is a feature unique to but a necessity to most users. This feature allows you to manage all you domain from I know a couple of users who use for domain name services only. They buy domain names at Olitt at the best prices and administer them from Olitt for their custom services like Zoho Mail, G-Suite, Blogger, WordPress and other Services.

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