What You Need To Know About Safaricom Cloud Storage
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Safaricom Cloud Storage

Looking for more information on Safaricom cloud storage?

We have everything you need to know how to make an informed decision.

In this article, we will discuss;

  • What is a cloud
  • Is it worth it?
  • How much should you pay?
  • Best alternatives to consider

Are you looking for answers to any of these questions?

Stick around and I will give you a tip on how to make sure you are picking the best cloud provider in Kenya.

If you are here, there is a high chance that a seasoned online surfer.

Heck, you own at least one website performing really well, or why would you be looking for Safaricom cloud storage?

Or you are looking for a way to store your files having heard about the insane benefits of cloud technology.

But you can’t shake this thought, what exactly is the cloud?

What is cloud storage in Kenya?

 I can promise you that it has nothing to do with the sky or anything close to it.

Rather, Cloud storage essentially involves you stashing data on hardware in a remote physical location.

Better part?

You can access the data from any device anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

What happens is, Instead of you keeping your data on hard drives in your office or under the bed, you send those files to a data server.

This server is maintained by a cloud storage provider, think of Truehost, Safaricom, and others.

Why would you do that? (is it worth it)

Why would anyone send their files to cloud storage in a remote location?

It has to do its appetizing benefits.

Let us take a peek;

Efficient storage

Cloud storage gives you the freedom to store, manage, and aggregate your files across remote locations through a single and simple interface.

By doing so, you get a front-seat view of everything under one screen.

Seamless scalability

Tools like Safaricom cloud storage is vast.

This means that the resources available are enormous, giving you a chance to add capacity, bring in more applications, get more locations or add more tenants to your cloud without the need to redevelop or reconfigure. 

Reduced administrative tasks

Once you have your cloud storage server up and running, you don’t have to keep showing up to check up on how things are going.

All you have to do is set rules to govern the size of capacity, bandwidth, and usage available to your users.

Access anywhere

This probably one of the most glorious things about systems like Safaricom cloud storage.

You can manage the systems and access the storage anywhere with any internet-enabled device.

Additionally, it allows users and applications instant access to data

How much does Safaricom cloud storage cost?

According to data available on their website, here is a table showing the cost of Safaricom cloud servers.


You get charged per the storage size per month.


Storage 100GB KES 1,392
Storage 200GB KES 2,552
Storage 400GB KES 4,872
Storage 500GB KES 6,032
Storage 800GB KES 9,512
Storage 1 TB KES 12,110
Storage 2 TB KES 23,989
Storage 5 TB KES 59,624
Storage 10 TB KES 119,016
Storage 20 TB KES 237,800


I guess you can say the cheapest package here is Cloud storage of 100GB going for KES 1,392 per month.

Safaricom Cloud Storage Best Alternative

Cloudpap is one of the leading cloud storage providers in Kenya.

With several data centers in 5 continents, Cloudpap gives you the peace of mind you’ve looking for when it comes to the safety of your files.

Why choose us?


  • You will get an SLA uptime of 99.977% in most of the data center locations
  • We have excellent customer support via email, chats, phone on 24/07.
  • You get access to a catalog of the most popular images and applications for 1-click deployment.
  • Servers come with Self Management portal for easy administration of the Server + Instant Deployment

Learn more here.

Tip on how to pick the best cloud provider in Kenya

Consider the following when shopping for cloud servers;

  • Look for certifications and standards if any.
  • Consider data security, data governance, and business policies.
  • Is their service dependable? Look at uptimes.
  • Consider contracts, commercials, and SLAs.

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