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Private Email Servers

Private Email Servers

Private email servers allow one to have a secure email service that is free from third party interference and allows greater convenience when handling your email services. Private email servers are usually provided by hosting service providers such as Truehost and CloudPap.

Email servers provide a platform for one to host their emails away from public cloud, making it easy to physically secure the emails and avoid unwarranted government interference. Companies may also opt to host their own email servers for better control of information, and to consolidate various services that they use on the cloud.

To get a secure email hosting, one needs an email server that is properly secured and monitored. Most email servers are usually hosted on large data Centers. CloudPap has several email servers located in Kenya Data Centers, and other locations in the world, thus making this hosting service more accessible and reducing the latency for users who are based in the location where the email servers are located.

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