personal CLOUD Vault

Cloudpap offers you personal backup solution for your PC, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and even Social Media Accounts. Keep your memories alive and your precious data across all plaforms secure by having our complete cloud backup solution.


Have reliable and secure copies of your individual data files or entire system. Recover the entire system or individual files when needed. This protects your data from theft and erasure. Don’t be haunted by data loss.

complete protection

Complete protection against modern threats Cloudpap backup solution protects your data with artificial intelligence-based defense against ransomware. If your passwords get stolen online, simply restore a backup and deny hackers access. Our solution also detects, stops and even automatically reverses the effects of unauthorized encryption.

Social media backup

Don’t let hackers, accidents or errors delete your photos, contacts and memories on Facebook or Instagram. Reports have it that 160000 social media accounts are hacked everyday. Don’t be a victim of data loss in case this happens to you. Automatically backup your posts, media, likes, comments incrementally without affecting your system.

Additional Security

Never before has data security been more crucial. Cloudpap employs several technologies to ensure your data is seen by you only – not even the server administrator can see your data. Our End-to-End encryption of your files ensures the privacy of your data.


Cloudpap backup requires no training to use. Hit the road running with our easy to use interface that is: Visual – Know everything about your backup in glance - backup status, file sizes etc. Compatible – Make backups and restores across Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. Flexible – Choose where to store your data – locally, network file, in the cloud or a combination for total protection


In our modern day, data is not necessarily crucial if it cannot be accessed from anywhere. Cloudpap backup and cloud storage soltion ensures you can access data from your desktop PC via your laptop, tablet or mobile phone from anywhere. Additionally, since this is a multiuser solution, all your family members and friends can also access the data in cloud you allow them to.

Choose a backup plan

Best priced personal backup plans

Phone Vault


Per month

  • 100GB Storage
  • 1 Smartphone (Android/Iphone)

Workstation Vault


Per month

  • 300GB Storage
  • 1 Work Stations(Win/Mac)
  • Can add Extra Workstation @$4.99

Product Addons

website live backup


per website

server backup


per server

vm/vps backup


per device

workstation backup


per device

office 365


per seat



per device

hosted storage


per GB

cloudpap drive users


per user

dr ip


per IP

disaster recovery cloud


per GB

disaster recovery cloud


per 1 compute point running per hour

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