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Olitt is the new DNS Service provider of choice. After using Cloudflare for ages am sad to have to move some of my traffic to a new DNS Provider. Cloudflare is secure and easy to use. However, Cloudflare has had several downtimes this year which was taking down my entire portfolio.

Though the downtimes lasted a few minutes, it’s crazy when all your services are down. It is only sensible to have some of the web services on a different DNS service provider to prevent cases of total blackout.

DNS Manager

Olitt turns out to have a simple and intuitive DNS Manager feature that works as smooth as Cloudflare. However, Olitt does not have a proxy service and effectively does not have SSL Certificate over DNS. Therefore, your services on this DNS platform require an SSL certificate installation at the web server.

Note: Olitt provides free ssl gateway BUT for services hosted on Olitt such as Websites and Landing Pages created through the platform.

Website Builder

In additional to the Free DNS manager, Olitt provides some of the coolest landing pages and website templates. While trying out the platform, have created a simple online store in a record time, it probably took me 20 minutes from the start to the end.

My Online Store includes a single product listing, add-to-cart functionality, Paypal payment integration, MailChimp contact functionality, MailChimp subscription form, Google Analytics integration and Tawk.to live chat feature.

We recommend Olitt to our customers at Cloudpap, the platform stands out as the best Website builder, Domain Name Registration service and DNS Manager for beginners.

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