Linux Servers Backup and restore Software
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Linux Servers Backup and restore Software

Linux operating system just like many other operating is vulnerable to failure and possible data loss.

Mission critical servers require a backup plan to mitigate disaster.  Server Backup and Restore plan is the most critical part of Disaster Recovery Site Management.

It’s critical to back up a server system files and configurations, application data in a way that allow restore back up to a certain position.

Cloudpap Windows and Linux Server Backup Software utilizes disk image technology that performs snapshots on the entire disk and supports Full Machine restore option.

Qualities of an effective Server Backup plan

  • Automated Backup – should run on schedule automatically
  • Resource –efficient – should run without overuse of computing resources
  • Fast Restore time (Short RTO) – ability to restore data to initial point should be fast
  • Encrypted – Effective server backup solution should support standard encryption for data privacy
  • Centralized management (web based) portal


Features of Cloudpap Linux and Windows Server Backup and Restore Software

  • Server (Linux or Windows)
  • Virus and Ransomware protected
  • AES 128/256 Encryption
  • Compressed /Incremental Backups
  • Web portal access
  • Cold, Warm and Hot Recovery
  • Fastest RTO
  • Scheduled or Event triggered Backups
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Your Local storage Supported
  • 1000GB free Cloud Storage


Cloudpap Linux and Windows Server Backup Software is available from $20 per month and includes 1TB Cloud Storage.

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