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Invoice Ninja Email Not Working? How to Fix It

Invoice Ninja Email Not Working? How to Fix It

Accounting is the backbone of any business. Invoicing is a fundamental component of accounting. Although invoicing appears to be difficult and time-consuming, it is essential to running a successful business.

Many businesses choose to invest in invoicing software to assist them in preparing invoices to make this process go more smoothly. The online invoicing tool allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. 

Clients’ needs have changed as technology has advanced. Manually invoicing your clients is no longer acceptable. As a result, you should consider invoicing solutions that allow you to send invoices via email, such as Invoice Ninja.

Invoice Ninja is a free invoicing software for all types of enterprises. This accounting software includes all of the tools required for effective bookkeeping.

It allows you to accept online payments, sync bank accounts, and automate invoices. Inventory management, time-tracking tools, and payment processing are also available.

As an open-source invoicing system, Invoice Ninja is ideal for in-house developers. It has a large number of payment channels and over 1,000 app connectors.

Benefits of Email Invoices

Aside from saving your firm money, there are numerous advantages to sending email invoices. 

One undeniable advantage of transitioning from paper invoices to electronic invoices is that they are significantly faster. There’s no need to be concerned about a sent invoice being misplaced or damaged. You can be confident that email will arrive fast and securely. 

You can also be certain that the person in charge of invoice management receives it. Another benefit of sending email invoices is that you can save space by not storing paper or having a fax machine or printer.

Invoice Ninja not sending emails: What To Do.

Businesses send email invoices for a variety of reasons, one of which is convenience. However, regardless of platform, email invoicing is not always a seamless process. 

Sometimes when you try to send email invoices from your Invoice Ninja account, they are not delivered. This can be extremely aggravating, especially if payments are due and you want your consumers to pay on time.

To resolve this, x

Solution 1: Fix the command line syntax in the Laravel Supervisor configuration file (laravel-worker. conf) from the Laravel documentation example, and remove the sqs argument after queue: work.

For some reason, the argument causes workers to crash and not recover until a manual restart, preventing scheduled emails from being sent. The command is: command=php /path/to/project/artisan queue: work –sleep=3 –tries=3 –max-time=3600 sqs


php /path/to/project/artisan queue: work –sleep=3 –tries=3 –max-time=3600

Solution 2: You must manually change the.env file in the Invoice Ninja directory.

Change the following












Most importantly, change MAIL_MAILER=”log” to MAIL_MAILER=”smtp” 

The rest of them should be changed to your SMTP server details (I’ll use Google as an example).


MAIL_PORT=”587″ MAIL_USERNAME=”[email protected]



 MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS=”[email protected]“”


Once done, save your modifications and run the following commands.

run user -l www-data -s/bin/bash -c “php /var/www/invoice ninja/artisan optimize”

restart apache2 systemctl

Solution 3: Invoice Ninja must be able to communicate with Gmail servers, which is not guaranteed. If the connection attempt fails because Invoice Ninja cannot reach Gmail, the emails sent fail.

To avoid this, Invoice Ninja should be able to skip the default mail server and connect directly to SMTP, reducing the complexity of the sending process and avoiding potential issues.

Solution 4: Please contact customer service.

If you’ve tried all of the following alternatives and they’re still not functioning in Invoice Ninja, contact support. They can assist you in determining what is wrong or provide a solution.

By implementing these strategies, you can resolve issues in Invoice Ninja and ensure that your email invoices are delivered. 

Factors Contributing to Errors Invoice Ninja: Sending Email Invoices

#1. Firewall or antivirus blocking invoice Ninja 

Security software or firewalls can sometimes prevent Invoice Ninja from sending emails. In such cases, you  want to make sure you do not have any firewall rules that may be blocking access to the Google servers, ensure the following IP addresses are whitelisted:

#2. Email settings are incorrectly configured.

When email settings are incorrectly configured and preferences are not correctly set, users experience issues with Invoice Ninja invoices not sending. You must check that your email settings in Invoice Ninja are correct. This can be accomplished by double-checking the SMTP server, port number, username, password, and other pertinent parameters. Invoice Ninja may be unable to send invoices due to incorrect email configuration.

#3. Filtering spam or junk mail

You should check your email account’s spam or trash folder. It is likely that the invoices are being classified as spam and are being routed to these files. Mark the invoices as “not spam” to avoid future filtering issues, since they may cause the invoice Ninja won’t send email invoices error.

#4. Incorrect email client configuration

If you use an email client, such as Outlook or Gmail, make sure that the outgoing server (SMTP) settings, port number, and authentication settings are accurate. You must ensure that your email client is configured to work in tandem with Invoice Ninja.

#5. Problems with Internet access

An unreliable internet connection can sabotage the invoice-sending procedure. Before sending invoices, an invoice Ninja user must ensure that they have a strong internet connection.

Signs that Invoice Ninja is not sending email invoices 

Here are some of the signs that Invoice Ninja users have reported when they have been unable to email invoices to their respective clients.

a). Invoices are not being received by customers.

If your clients complain that they did not get invoices through email, even though you sent them using Invoice Ninja, this indicates that the invoices did not reach their intended recipients. 

b). Attempts to send test emails were unsuccessful.

When you try to send a test email from Invoice Ninja to verify the email settings and it fails to deliver, it indicates a problem with the email capability.

c). Invoices that are stuck in the Outbox

Assume you use an email client that is integrated with invoice ninja, such as Outlook, and you find that invoices are not getting sent and remain in the Outbox folder. In that instance, it implies that the transmitting process was not finished.

d). Error warnings concerning email configuration

When you try to send invoices, invoice Ninja may display error warnings directly linked to email settings or email configuration issues. These error messages may suggest a problem with Invoice Ninja’s email configuration.

Pre-requirements to Meet Before Troubleshooting Invoice Ninja Not Sending Invoices Error

If you are having problems with your instance, try the following general troubleshooting procedures before going into the specialized sections:

1). Check to see whether you fulfill the minimal system requirements.

2). For community assistance, visit the Invoice Ninja forum.

3). Check the logs for any error notices. The logs can be found in the storage/logs directory.

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With the trouble of preparing and handling invoices, it can be upsetting if email invoices are not delivered to clients to be paid.

This problem, however, can be solved using the solutions listed above. If none of the solutions work, you can always contact the invoice Ninja support staff for assistance.