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Invoice Ninja Australia: Discover the ultimate invoicing solution. Read our guide before signing up and unlock your business's potential today.

Invoice Ninja Australia: Read Before Signing Up

In Australia, invoicing is an essential part of managing any business, whether it’s a small contracting company, an online store, or a freelancer agency.

There are over 1.2 billion invoices sent annually in Australia, with small and medium-sized firms accounting for 89% of all bills.

Various invoicing types

Depending on whether you are registered for the goods and services tax (GST), there are two different forms of invoices in Australia.

If your company is:

if you are GST registered, you must present tax invoices.

Not enrolled for GST? Use ordinary invoices instead (be sure to exclude the term “tax invoice”).

There are numerous additional sorts of invoices.

Through invoicing, you can outline your prices, charges, and terms of payment. Lack of it can make billing time-consuming, wasting your money and valuable hours. Even worse, there’s a chance you might not get compensated for the product or service you rendered.

Why is Invoicing software needed by your business?

Sending invoices can be difficult, especially if you have clients in several nations. This is because there will need to be currency conversion, which can be expensive and time-consuming, which is why invoicing software is so useful. 

The billing procedure is greatly simplified with invoicing software. They facilitate the invoicing process, lessen errors, and enhance cash flow. 

There are numerous invoicing apps available in Australia that you can select for your company. Better, speedier invoices result in quicker money collection, and powerful software will save you time when designing, tracking, and automating the creation of invoices with a polished appearance.

One of the top billing software programs is called Invoice Ninja. Invoice Ninja is a free open-source invoicing, expense, and task management tool that automates the invoicing process and can track time and payments. 

The program was established in Fort Lee, New Jersey, in 2014. It is primarily intended for mid-to-large-sized firms, with an emphasis on those in industries including retail, e-commerce, digital services, construction, and non-profit organizations. 

What makes Invoice Ninja ideal for businesses in Australia?

I). Expenses & Vendors Tracking

Your earnings, costs, clients, and vendors are all saved and controlled in one system with Invoice Ninja. Run expenditure reports, categorize your vendors, and re-invoice expenses to clients.

II). Billing and Payments

Every function is designed to ensure secure and accurate billing and prompt payment. With Invoice Ninja, you can send gorgeous, branded invoices with the least amount of work and the most professionalism as opposed to utilizing Word and Excel documents or other expensive programs.

III). Simple to use

With a full array of invoicing and payment solutions, Invoice Ninja was created to assist freelancers and business owners. It is extraordinarily simple to use.

IV). Tracking Time & Projects

Using the desktop icon that has been downloaded or directly from your online Invoice Ninja account, you can start the time-tracking tool.

Simply click to start! Make projects and specific tasks for each project. Simply click “Send the task to invoice” when finished, and all information will be sent along with it so that your clients may pay!

All of these features work together to help you get paid what you are due and save time on tedious invoicing procedures. Spend more time honing your craft and less time on bureaucracy.

Key benefits of Invoice Ninja 

#1. Security Priorities

It is crucial to select a provider that has robust protection against data leaks and breaches because your invoicing software often contains critical information about your business and its clients.

Security is a top priority for Invoice Ninja and takes strict security precautions.

These include encrypted data transfer, role-based access control, and two-factor authentication.

The program also provides a Data Privacy Addendum (DPA) and is applicable to all websites run by Invoice Ninja, LLC, including all subdomains.

#2. Multiple Payment Gateway 

Invoice Ninja is compatible with all significant payment gateways worldwide. You’re covered if you’re in the USA, Canada, South America, the UK, the EU, South Africa, Australia, or the Far East!

#3. E-invoicing

Australia is one of the nations that has embraced the electronic invoicing method. Users of Invoice Ninja can make use of its inexpensive e-invoicing options.

#4. It’s self-hosted 

Invoice Ninja includes installation interfaces with Cloudron, Softaculous, Digital Ocean, and more for individuals who want to self-host. 

Self-hosting allows you to control your installation on your hosting server and data management.

#5. Provides API Integration 

Zapier, Integromat, and other third-party platforms can be connected to Invoice Ninja through an API connector. The Invoice Ninja API allows you to create programs that can:

Invoice creation and management, payment acceptance, report generation, customer management, and more!

#6. Invoice Ninja complies with Australian law.

There are few legally binding invoice regulations in Australia. When choosing the invoice Ninja, you don’t need to worry because it is tailored to Australian law.

Australian requirements for invoices

An online or Australian-based company’s invoice must include the following information:

1. Publish date

2. Provider’s ABN

3. Details of the products/services

4. The total amount due

5. Amount of the GST, if applicable

6. Terms of payment (optional)

7. Details of the recipient (optional)

8. Adherence to regulations

Invoice Ninja Plans and Pricing

There are three plans available for Invoice Ninja. 

1. Free plan

With few features, this plan is free. Basic features include limitless quotes and billing for 20 clients.

2. Ninja Pro 

This program starts at $10 a month. It has detailed reports, proposal templates, and custom URL branding capabilities.

3. Business plan

This plan starts at $14 per month and goes up from there. Multi-user support, account management, and priority support are some of its features.

Notably, each of the three options offers a free 30-day trial, allowing organizations to test-drive and evaluate the software’s capabilities before committing to a purchase.

Pros of Using Invoice Ninja

01). Integration and add-ons.

There are numerous prominent apps and services that Invoice Ninja can integrate with.

You may integrate it with payment gateways, CRMs, and project management applications for a smooth process.

02). Simple to use 

The user interface of Invoice Ninja is clear and simple. It has a user-friendly accounting system that makes billing customers simple.

03). A multilingual app. 

This enables one to work comfortably in their native language.

04. Customer Support

When required, customer support is excellent and prompt. They provide customer support by email, live chat, and a discussion forum.

Cons of the invoice Ninja 

Even though Invoice Ninja has a lot of benefits, some disadvantages have been reported by users:

01). Lack of Advanced Features in the Free Plan: The Free plan is really basic, and the Pro and Enterprise plans are the only ones that offer numerous advanced features.

02. Lack of On-premise Deployment: Organizations seeking control over physical data storage may be put off by the lack of an on-premise deployment option.

03). Limited Customization:

There aren’t a lot of customization choices, especially with the Free plan.

Best Invoice Ninja alternatives in Australia

The best tool for your company’s needs might not always be Invoice Ninja. Here are some of the top Invoice Ninja alternatives in Australia.


In Australia, MYOB is a well-known invoicing program that is appropriate for big enterprises. With the push of a button, invoices may be generated and sent.

Primary features of  MYOB

  • Adaptable templates
  • One-click purchasing
  • Billing tracking
  • automatic recollections

MYOB is a program that offers more than simply invoicing; it also has inventory management, the capacity to work with several currencies, bill by the hour, job tracking, cost management, and STP reporting.

Plans and pricing range from $12 per month to $80 per month, with the $50 per month plan potentially suitable for most small businesses as it supports unlimited invoices; however, only the most expensive plan offers multi-currency support. Paid packages can be started with a free 30-day trial to see how it works.

II). Invoicera

Businesses, small businesses, and freelancers who wish to automate invoicing and save time can use Invoicera. 

Features of Invoicera

  • Tracking of time
  • Automatic billing
  • Expense control
  • Billing for subscriptions

Due to its variety of payment gateways, Invoicera enables you to streamline your payments. Additionally, it may be used as an accounting tool since it offers comprehensive data, including a P&L account, that can assist you in understanding your company’s financial health. It might be a fantastic choice for businesses looking for more because it provides API access and data backups.

Invoicera offers several packages:

Starter is the sole free option and it only supports 3 clients.

  • Pro: $12 per month, 100 clients maximum, 1 employee.
  • Business: $23 per month, countless customers, 10 employees.
  • Unlimited customers, workers, and more for $119 per month.

Bottom Line 

Invoicing software purchases should always strike a balance between business requirements and available options. Consider whether the features meet your needs, look into the support options, and pay attention to client reviews.

As long as you don’t require comprehensive accounting software to handle assets, liabilities, income, and expenses, Invoice Ninja is a superb invoicing solution. Businesses with seasoned internal developers should choose the self-hosted version. 

One of Invoice Ninja’s biggest benefits is its many free features that you won’t find in many other invoicing software programs.

Although it has some drawbacks, such as limited reports and limited invoice customization in the free plan, it is still the best option for organizations seeking a cost-effective but feature-rich invoicing solution.

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