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How To Reset Invoice Ninja Password

How To Reset Invoice Ninja Password

If one requires resetting a password for security reasons or due to misplacement or forgetfulness, this post serves as a guide on how to do so for the Invoice Ninja platform.

Invoice Ninja facilitates the efficient sending of invoices for small businesses, which contain sensitive information that must remain confidential. This highlights the importance of strong passwords in safeguarding one’s data.

While developing the Invoice Ninja account, the team prioritized the implementation of robust passwords for security purposes.

However, with the sheer number of digital accounts a person may have, it is easy to forget strong passwords, making it challenging to keep track of them all.

In such a scenario, one could opt for using simplistic passwords, which is not a viable option, or rely on a password management service, which also comes with potential risks. Alternatively, one can stick to strong passwords and have a backup plan in place.

This guide serves as that backup plan, offering step-by-step instructions on changing or resetting one’s email password within the Invoice Ninja platform.

Guidelines for Accessing Invoice Ninja

The Method:

1. Navigate to the login page of your Invoice Ninja website.

2. Let’s examine the login page more closely.

a. Login Name (your registered email address)

b. Password field (your password)

c. One-Time Password: optional. Used for two-factor authentication (required if set up)

d. Secret (if set up, this is a universal password for all users)

e. Login Button: After entering your necessary information, click here.

f. Recover Password: Use this if you forget your password.

g. Windows App: Download the Windows application instead of using your web browser.

3. Enter your necessary login information and click the login button.

4. If you have entered the correct information, you will be successfully logged into the system and brought to the Dashboard.

However, entering an incorrect password will result in a failed login attempt. This may be due to a forgotten password. Do not fret; you can always reset or change your password.

How To Reset Password in Invoice Ninja 

1. On the login screen, select “Forgot Password”. 

2. Enter your email to initiate the password recovery process.

You will receive a message stating that a password reset email has been sent to your email address. This email will contain a link to reset your password.

3. Upon successfully entering and submitting your invoice Ninja account email address, an email will be sent to your email inbox. Check your inbox and click on the link contained in the password reset email sent from Invoice Ninja.

4. Reset your password

The password reset page can be accessed by clicking the link in the email. Enter your new password twice and submit it on this page. You will then be transferred to the log-in page or immediately logged in.

Changing Password:

If you ever need to change your password, simply click on the blue “Change Password” button. Provide your current password, and your new password, and confirm it by typing it in again. Then click “Save” to change your password.

After completing your user details, click on the green “Save” button to save all changes.

Why is Resetting Your Password So Important?

The number of email addresses registered with Invoice Ninja is doubling every five years. This increase in accounts also means that users are accumulating more and more passwords, making it inevitable to forget one from time to time.

A majority of users, 58% to be precise, admit to frequently forgetting their passwords. On average, an internet user receives around 37 “forgot password” emails per year.

These realities deem password resetting an essential aspect of any application. However, creating an effective password reset process involves more than just asking security questions. If your password reset process proves to be inconvenient for your customers, they might opt to discontinue using your service.

So, what makes a good password reset process?

A good password reset process should achieve two things:

– Minimize friction for the customers. The process should not take more than a minute for your customers to complete. It should also only require information that they feel comfortable sharing, such as their email addresses.

– Ensure the security of your customers’ information. The process should include safeguards against multiple failed login attempts and only transmit information through secure channels.

Password Resets Best Practices 

Resetting passwords is a crucial step in account recovery or password alteration. However, it also presents an opportunity for hackers to infiltrate your account. To prevent this, implement the following best practices when resetting passwords.

a. Limit the time frame for ‘Reset Password’ Links

It is essential to limit the lifespan of the ‘reset password’ link to a reasonably short period. This reduces the likelihood of attackers intercepting the link and gaining unauthorized access by resetting the password.

b. Utilize Login IDs

In the event of a forgotten password, users typically provide their email as the login ID to receive a reset link. To enhance security, always display a consistent message when an email is entered, whether the account exists or not. This will prevent attackers from using the login ID to match an existing account.

c. Employ Multiple Verification Methods

Verifying the user’s identity is a critical aspect of password reset. However, a single method like an email link or security question may not be sufficient to deter hackers. It is advisable to incorporate multiple verification methods like SMS codes, biometric scans, or backup email addresses. This adds a layer of security and instills confidence in your users.

d. Provide Support Options

In case users encounter difficulties when resetting their passwords, it is crucial to provide them with direct access to a support channel for assistance. Ideally, there should be multiple options for support, allowing users to choose the most convenient one for them.


It can be difficult to keep track of all your email passwords, and utilizing simple words or phrases is not a secure alternative. If you’ve forgotten your invoice Ninja email password, the guide above is an excellent place to start.