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Google Cloud services provides one of the best Cloud storage services in the world, a premium file hosting service that is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. The Google Cloud storage service is comparable to Amazon’s S3 and is different from Google Drive storage in a few ways. It is more suited for Enterprise functions and is one of the most resilient Cloud Storage platforms.

Google Cloud storage offers a unified object storage for developers and enterprises, allowing different forms and levels of access for files that are stored in the Cloud. Some of the features of the storage include:

  • Access control features that allow for different permissions when accessing the stored files. This can include read, write, or both read and write permissions, a function that allows easy collaboration in using shared data.
  • Google Cloud storage allows for resumable upload of data, making it convenient for use where connections can be interrupted in the course of data upload. This ensures that the upload to the data storage can be resumed once connection is reestablished.
  • Google Cloud storage is interoperable with other services such as Amazon S3
  • Offers different classes of data storage for live systems, data that is rarely accessed, and for archival services where data is stored with little intention to access it frequently.

Use case scenarios

Google Cloud Storage can be used in nearly all cases where data needs to be stored on the Cloud. This is because it offers a single API that can be applied in almost any use case. Some of the best use cases include:

  1. Media content storage and delivery, such as streaming videos and music, serving content for website, hosting content for mobile apps.
  2. Creating repository for analytics.
  3. Data backup and archival service.

Though expensive, Google Cloud storage offers one of the best file hosting services and with their extensive experience in data storage, processing and serving, can guarantee availability of the service whenever you need it. The cost ranges from 4$ per TB to 4$ per 200 GB depending on the access frequency of access required.

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