Enterprise server backup

Dedicated server backup has never been easier. Here is a cross platform product for automation of dedicated servers’ backup. It allows  Local Backup, Network Backup, Cloud Backup or a combination of these options.
Backups can be scheduled or event triggered with possible schedules as: 30 minutes/Hourly/Twice a day/Daily/Weekly/Monthly backups

Automate backups

Schedule your backups or let them happen with event triggers. Possible schedules include: Per 30min, hourly, twice a day, weekly, monthly

cross platform

Backup your Linux and Windows dedicated servers efficiently and easily.

Flexible destination

Perform backup as either local backup, network backup, cloud backup or a combination of these.

Virus protected

Make server backups that stand integrity tests with security from virus and protection from ransomware

Order a plan

Get a backup plan for your server

Server Backup


Per month

  • 500GB Storage
  • 1 Server (Linux or Windows)
  • Virus and Ransomware protected
  • AES 128/256 Encryption
  • Compressed /Increamental Backups
  • Web portal access
  • Cold, Warm and Hot Recovery
  • Scheduled or Event triggered Backups
  • Alerts and Notifications
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