A Simple Guide To Domain registration in Kenya
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Domain registration in Kenya

Kenya a great country! A land of diversity and many opportunities. One of the trending opportunities in the online markets that are expanding each day. Domain registration in Kenya has become a booming business

Domains have become a part of the norm. Every day new sites are being created and they need domains. Also, it is flexible since one performs the registration online.

domain registration in Kenya

Each day websites are created and they need domains to help them rank. Domains help websites add professional credibility and increase visibility.

As a business too it comes with profits, and it has its risks too. However, today we will talk about domain registration in Kenya.

Let’s first get into facts:

What is a domain?

Well, it is that name people type on a browser search bar to get to a certain site. It’s that name one uses instead of tying an IP Address.

It is also a unique text that allows computers to communicate over the internet. This means that a domain name can’t be shared.

A domain name also takes two forms;

Consider a popular domain like facebook.com; facebook is the domain name, .com is the domain extension.

Domains ease the process of site finding since one doesn’t have to remember all that string of numbers. They type a name instead which is effective.

Why use a Domain?

  • Add professionalism to your site- some subdomains offered by some site creators are lengthy and don’t look good.
  • To identify your brand- it helps inform people and a good name makes people coming back to your site.
  • Domains help in ranking- the more your domain is searched it becomes indexed which Google uses to rank it.
  • Creates mobility- even if you decide to migrate to another place the domain will still remain with you.

When choosing a domain be cautious, because it lays the foundation for your site. One also has to do thorough research.

How to Choose a Domain?

Since domains are crucial for a site, one ought to be careful. However, you need not be alarmed for domains are not case sensitive.

This means that one can register KINSKY.com but still find it by typing kinsky.com.

Here is how to choose a good domain name:

#.1 Do a thorough research

Thorough research is fundamental. You don’t want to end up with lawsuits for trademark infringement.

Research also informs one on the popularly searched words, those that one can use and not use. Besides one also gets to know what governs domains and their usage.

Conduct a thorough search to help you plan and budget. It saves one from incurring losses that occur without accurate information.

#2. Use a keyword

This word informs and attracts people to your site. Consider a domain like bestcleaners.com; best cleaners is a keyword that is informative.

From the search, one has a likelihood of visiting the site. Use a word that will catch the attention of your clients as well as gives more information about your site.

Domain name registration in Kenya is also a keyword but needs tweaking for it’s lengthy.

#3. Keep the name short and memorable

Avoid lengthy names, people prefer a short name. Besides a short name is easier to remember and one isn’t prone to mistakes as in the case of lengthy ones.

Create a name that is precise and stands out. One that is easy to type and makes people find your site fast and easily.

#4. Avoid numbers and hyphens

One is prone to omitting a number or a hyphen when typing. This makes them not find your site and can be disappointing.

Besides, it makes a domain look unprofessional and people might associate it with scams. Best to avoid them to keep your clients.

Well, there more things to consider. Get more about domain name choosing from reading this informative article.

How to register a domain in Kenya:

Registering a domain has become an easy process and a flexible one. Since they are responsible for selling your site here is how to do domain registration in Kenya.

1.Visit Truehost homepage:

2. From the homepage scroll down to domain name registration.

Domain registration in Kenya: Truehost domain search tab


3. On the search bar key in your preferred domain name and hit search.

Truehost domain search results

One can customize the extension they want from the All tab. Once the search is done one finds out if the name is available or registered already.

4. Proceed to buy.

This proceeds to a cart section.

Domain registration in Kenya:Truehost Domain Cart

From the cart choose the services for your domain.

5. Check out

This is the final step where one chooses to pay for the domain, continue shopping or empty the cart.

Truehost payment checkout

One also gets to choose their preferred mode of payment, or use a promotion code. One also has to register an account which one can use Google Plus or Facebook.

There are many domain extensions and different extensions have different pricing. Having an understanding of how domains work is crucial.

One needs to conduct thorough research from the Internet, Social Media, and also from people also. This will give one insight into what is best.

Domain registration in Kenya is one of the booming businesses, it is easy and flexible. However one ought to consider research. Before start-up make sure to read this.


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