Dedicated servers in Kenya: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore it
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Dedicated servers in Kenya

Dedicated servers in Kenya

Dedicated servers in Kenya: As you look to grow and expand your business, getting an “online presence” should be top of your list. Thanks to affordable smartphones, network availability, and cheap data bundle subscription options, consumers can now validate your company based on whether they can find you online.

Nothing does it better for you than a good website.

You can start out with a cheap shared hosting plan then upgrade to a dedicated server as the need grows.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a kind of web hosting where your website or application shares a physical server with multiple sites. With only a few visitors on your site, the plan works pretty well for your budget and when starting out.

Trouble comes knocking when you get a lot of traffic on the site and the web pages start taking years to load. The comments section can begin to flood with complaints about how slow the site is. It gets even more frustrating when the security of the site is also threatened.

Here’s where a dedicated server comes in, let’s dive right in:

What is a dedicated server?

A server is a special computer in a network, reserved for serving distinct needs of the networks. It might be printing, file sharing, etc.

In the web hosting business, a dedicated server or dedicated hosting is a plan where you rent a server for your website or web application from the web host.

Picture it as your website gets its own “room” away from the chaos of other websites.

You see, since you don’t share resources with other users, the site is more secure and loads even faster.

Can I host several websites or web applications on the same dedicated server?

The answer is yes.

You can host as many applications as you wish on the same dedicated server.

However, it is recommended that you have each site/ application on its own server based on the traffic. Because doing so result in better performance.

Benefits of a dedicated server

Here are some of the outstanding reasons why dedicated servers are better;

  • Improved performance and flexibility

When using shared hosting and your site’s traffic spike, the performance will drop significantly. This costs you in the long run as it negatively impacts user experience. With the help of a dedicated server, the performance of the site can drastically improve.

  • Improved Security

Security is key for all sites, especially when handling user information like email addresses, credit card numbers, phone numbers, home addresses, and other sensitive information.

It is also very important to protect this data from viruses and unauthorized access.

Having a dedicated server gives you a chance to optimize security features for your site and how you want them implemented.

Though some hosting companies tend to offer semi-managed or fully managed maintenance plans, you can always specify what you will be responsible for. You can seek advice from your IT consultant or software developer for such concerns.

  • Page loading optimization

Since your site will be the only one on the server, page loading will increase significantly. This improves your user experience and ultimately, maximizes output.

  • Having control over your server

It is important to have control over your server. You get to have the liberty to configure it to your preferred settings and preferences, unlike in shared hosting. You can improve or upgrade hardware preferences like RAM, storage, and even install your preferred operating system. It makes it easier for your system developer to maintain your website.

Where can you get dedicated servers in Kenya?

There are several companies that offer these services. They include:

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