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Data Backup Software refers to any software that is used to manage the storage of data that is being secured for redundant usage. This could be a copy of data that is being stored online so that it can be used later in case of loss of primary data or when data is corrupted.

Why Data Backup

Data backup is important because any data can be lost due to hardware failure, loss of storage device, corruption of the original data or even when in need to compare data fidelity.

Data backup is critical in todays information age. One needs to backup data that is stored in their smartphones, PCs, laptops and even servers. It could also be data stored in the cloud such as websites and other critical information, which requires to be protected against accident loss or damage, or even cyber attack.

Loss of data can lead to unprecedented losses in enterprises in terms of money, wasted man hours and loss of customer trust. Cloudpap offers data backup service to guard against such eventualities or disruption that can occur in case of system failure in places where live data is critical for operations such as in banking industry.

Software for Data Backup

There are different software that are used to perform data backup. These offer different options such as offering different cloud platforms for storage of the data, different back up methods such as image backup or incremental backup, different methods of restoration among others.

Some of the leading data backup software include:

  1. Acronis True Image
  2. EaseUS ToDo backup
  3. Backup and Restore
  4. Backup4all
  5. Iperius Backup
  6. Cobian Backup
  7. iDrive
  8. Carbonite
  9. Total Recovery
  10. Chronosync

Acronis is the leading Data backup software offered by Cloudpap, and provides for the best backup services for both personal and enterprise use. Some of the advantage of Acronis data backup software include:

  • Very easy to use across different devices
  • Accessible from multiple devices.
  • 24/7 support from Cloudpap

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