Data is one of the most important resources of an Education and Research Organization. Loss or compromise of data can lead to huge set back in this field. Loss and compromise of data can also lead to loss of an institution’s credibility. A solution exists from Cloudpap for Education and Research institutions to safeguard against these.

Cloudpap works hand in hand with you to ensure continuity of business in Education and Research Organizations, by providing Easy, Complete and Safe storage and access to your data by student, faculty and Administrative staff.

Install, configure and manage with Zero Training

Cloudpap allow deployment of backup solution to safeguard and provide secure access to individual Departments, Faculties, and Schools or deploy a single unified backup and secure access system for multiple departments, several faculties, and several schools in an entire University.

Cloudpap safeguard your data from hardware failure, security threats, ransomware, device loss or theft, natural calamities, while encrypting the data at rest and in transit for complete privacy and security.


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