Cloud Storage Providers in Kenya
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There are several Cloud Storage service providers in Kenya. These offer storage online as well as other services, and differ in terms of their pricing, other services they offer, support provided and location of their data centers.

The leading Cloud Storage Providers in Kenya in include:

  1. Truehost Cloud
  2. Cloudpap
  3. Angani Limited
  4. Safaricom Cloud
  5. NoneAfrica
  6. MTN Business

The different Cloud storage provider in Kenya operate from different Data Centers in Kenya. Some of the companies with Data Centers in Kenya include

  • Liquid Telecom
  • iColo
  • Ryanada Limited
  • Safaricom
  • Telkom Kenya
  • MTN business

The storage service providers differ in terms of the platforms they use and the cost they charge for various services. When choosing a Cloud service provider, one needs to consider the reliability of the service, support level offered and of course cost of the service.

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