Where To Get Cloud Servers in Kenya
Cloud Servers by Mark N.
Cloud Servers in Kenya

Kenya, a country of great sceneries and a booming economy. Technology is not left behind either, Cloud Servers in Kenya is a good business.

Every one needs extra storage may it be personal or for business. Cloud Servers come to provide safe, reliable and flexible storage.

Before starting any business, however, anyone needs proper planning. A good business ought to be bringing profits not incurring losses.

Online businesses often require services like cloud servers. Let’s get insights on cloud servers.

What are cloud servers?

Is a physical or virtual computer system resource, especially data storage and computing power made available to the user without having to be physically present.

It is a type of hosting that saves files remotely on a virtual space. Accessing the data is easy since it is online and doesn’t need a physical link.

These servers eliminate the need for storing data on local storage or another hard drive. It is an internet service delivery. One can get:

  • Servers
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Software
  • Computing resources
  • And many others.

are cloud servers secure?

Yes, they are safe. This is why:

  • The servers are stored in warehouses where few employees are allowed access.
  • Files stored on the server are encrypted.
  • Consistency Security Updates
  • Built-in firewalls that protect your data.
  • Ultra backed up data one can access data even when the data center severs loss of a server.

why use cloud servers?

1. Security

Security is a crucial concern. Every business requires all their data safe. Cloud Servers provide the best security options.

From security updates, encryption, and firewalls this keeps malicious people away.  Data is safely backed up and stored across other servers.

2. Accessibility

Data is safely backed up and distributed on other servers as a snapshot. This makes sure in case of a hardware failure it is easy to access the data.

It is also easy to access data since one needs no physical link. Besides with administrative privileges, one can allow others access.

3. Data recovery

In case a fire or any disaster destroys an organization’s data servers, the cloud servers provide a backup.

Due to its redundancy, data is safely backed up. In a case where one server is destroyed, one can retrieve the data fast and easily.

4. Flexibility and scalability

Cloud Servers offer the most convenient storage. One because one doesn’t any physical link to the server. Also one can share the server with others by granting them user access.

Cloud Servers have different plans and one can always choose to upgrade whenever they want. It is not limited to one plan.

However one also put in place these measures to safeguard their data:

  • Perform data backups- work with a cloud service provider with a data back-up plan also have an external storage place to store data.
  • Enable two-factor authentication- this increases security for your data. It makes it hard for people to get to your data even with your credentials or by hacking.

Where to get Cloud Servers in Kenya?

This is the big question. There a number of hosting companies that provide cloud services. The cloud business is growing.

However today talking about cloud servers in Kenya, we will list a numer of places to get the servers.

Here is where one can get Cloud Servers in Kenya:

1. Safaricom

Being a lead in mobile service providing, Safaricom is also offering cloud services at affordable pricing.

At Safaricom, the least plan goes for Kshs. 1,392 which is 100GB of storage. Their highest plan is 20GB which goes for Kshs. 237,800.

2. Truehost

It is the best cloud service, provider. Truehost not only offers cloud services but also secure reliable domain, email, and website hosting plans.

Truehost plans are affordable; for as low as Kshs. 600 get 30GB of storage. One also gets other services like maintenance and security updates as added services.

Truehost also has a great technical team that makes sure your data is safe and available at all times.

3. Cloudpap

It provides cloud services internationally. It has reliable cloud servers that are self-managed cloud servers top data center locations globally.

Affordable, as low as Kshs. 699 one gets 25GB of storage. It has a 24/7 support system and 99.95% UPTIME.

  • Webscreation design group

They provide cloud services but a bit expensive. Their lowest plan is from Kshs. 2,000 with 20GB storage. Their highest plan is Kshs. 14,000 with unlimited storage.

They offer distribution of three mirrored copies of your data across multiple devices to ensure safety and protection. It allows resource sharing in the server.

The online market is growing fast. Cloud Servers in Kenya has become a lucrative business to start.

Most of the businesses also have migrated to the cloud. Management of cloud services also is fast and easy.

The cloud from being flexible one can upgrade or downgrade according to the budget.


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