Cloud Backup in Kenya
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Backup of data or information is one of the most critical function for any enterprise today and Cloud backup is becoming the standard way to guard against data loss in Kenya.

Cloud backup refers to storing a copy of critical information or data in a cloud server in order to protect against the adverse effects that would arise due to hardware malfunction, system failure, or physical destruction of the data.

For Cloud backup in Kenya, there are several people who offer that service and most of these constitute web hosting companies and other information Service providers. Most people opt to get a Cloud server and backup their data there, although the server itself would need a backup too if it is not provided by the hosting service provider. However, the best way to backup data in the Cloud is to use a dedicated data backup service provider such as Cloudpap.

Cloudpap specializes in Data backup services in Kenya and has one of the most robust cloud storage system to deal with the backup. The cloudpap backup services employs various open source and proprietary data backup platforms such a Cloudberry and Acronis to offer a seamless backup. This could be a backup for phones, deskop computers, laptops, servers, Network attached storage or even CCTV footage.

With Cloudpap Cloud backup, data can be retrieved any time it is needed and the data is stored in multiple data centers to ensure that it is safe from any form of loss. With the seamless service, Cloudpap remains the best cloud backup service provider in Kenya.

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