backup software in kenya

Who need a Backup Software in Kenya?

Every business in Kenya that deals with data require a data backup solution or system. Most business have one form of backup solution or another even though they may not have a dedicated data backup software.

Some business archive important data in flash disks, external drives, network computers, Network attached Drives, Premises Servers, Email and Email Drives. – All these are form of data backup solution that may have inbuilt data backup software.

Increased data volume and requirements is calling for dedicated data backup software solutions.


Why invest in a Backup Software in Kenya?

Cost of data backup may be far much cheaper than cost of recreating the data

Business cost of maintaining digital data may be far much lower than cost of storing data in un-digitized format.

Timeless access to business data is invaluable to any modern business

Tax Man (KRA) require a business to maintain records for upto 7 years – consider digitizing your records and managing them with a data backup software

Data Security – in this era of cyber-attacks, consider a ransomware attack on your business- where would you turn to. Consider a ransomware protected data backup software.

Hardware failure and theft – In case your server or computer failed, where would get data for business continuity..? Consider burglary that may lead to loss of your computers – where would you turn to…


Where can I get Data Backup Software  in Kenya?

Globally there are several Data backup software services, in this article special focus will be paid to cloud backup software.

Global Backup Software Providers include:

  1. Cloudpap
  2. Backblaze
  3. Carbonite
  4. NovaBackup
  5. Genie9
  6. Unitrends
  7. Retrospect
  8. IvyBackup
  9. iDrive
  10. Google Backup and Sync


Some Backup Software in Kenya Providers



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