windows 10 backup restore

Windows 10 from Microsoft is the most popular operating system – powering more than 800M devices.

Windows 10 has been engineered as an efficient operating system that allow self-healing and data recovery and restore in case of bugs and abrupt shutdown.

Despite the efficiency in Windows 10, every Windows 10 user need to have a backup plan. Why you need backup software while running windows 10.

Disk Failure – in case your hard disk failed, inbuilt local backup and restore on windows 10 is useless – you need to restore data from a remote storage

Ransomware Attack – in the event of ransomware attack, Windows 10 backup and restore option will not help you – a ransomware protected backup solution would be helpful

Computer/Device Loss or Theft – what if thieves stole your computer – all the data would be gone despite the inbuilt Windows 10 backup and restore – consider cloudpap windows 10 backup software that would allow restore of data in a new computer directly from the cloud storage.


Windows 10 Backup and Restore Software from cloudpap offers 1TB Cloud Storage Free and it’s available for $5 per months.

Other Specifications of Windows 10 Backup and Restore Software from Cloudpap.

  • Supports AES 256 Encryptions
  • Stay safe from Ransomware
  • Schedule daily, multiple times daily, weekly
  • PC, Computers, Workstations, Laptops, Tablets
  • Windows, MacBook
  • One Click full or Partial Restore
  • 1000GB free Cloud Storage

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