Angani: What You Need to Know Now (2021 Update)
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What is Angani?

Angani is a leading cloud service provider in Kenya. The business was birthed in 2013; the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Phares Kariuki and Brian Muita.

It was launched with a mission to fill the gap in providing reliable hosting infrastructure, starting in Nairobi and then across the continent.

How many data centers does Angani have?

They have two data centers in Kenya, that is, in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Outside of Kenya, they have centers in Tanzania and Rwanda.

What services/products do they offer?

Dedicated servers

A server is a single computer in a network that is reserved for serving distinct needs of the networks which might be printing, file sharing, etc. Angani offers dedicated server or dedicated hosting where your website or web application rents its own server from the web host.

Angani leases an entire server as a cloud service to your organization and gives it full access. They do the set up at your preferred location and install your preferred operating system.

Additionally, they have secure and reliable data centers in Nairobi with the latest cloud management software and high-speed internet backbone. And their server capacity goes up to 1,000 GB.

Angani offers this service based on the RAM size as you can see below:

  • RAM 8 GB, Disk space 256 GB SSD, 1 GB/s unlimited traffic within Kenya, Processor 2 x Intel Xeon 6-core for Ksh 20,000 per month with a setup fee of approximately Ksh 20,000
  • RAM 16 GB, Disk space 256 GB SSD, 1 GB/s unlimited traffic within Kenya, Processor 2 x Intel Xeon 6-core for Ksh 35,000 per month with a setup fee of approximately Ksh 20,000
  • RAM 32GB, Disk space 512 GB, 1 GB/s unlimited traffic within Kenya, Processor 2 x Intel Xeon 6-core for Ksh 50,000 per month with a setup fee of approximately Ksh 30,000

Disaster recovery

Most organizations are afraid of cyber-attacks or natural disasters such as fire, hurricanes and such.

When this occurs, having a disaster recovery plan comes in handy because you get to achieve business continuity.

Angani offers several services for disaster recovery which include Cold Backup, Warm Back up, replication, and high availability.

All their services offer an annual subscription with a cloudberry license going for Ksh 5000.

On the other hand, Cold backup costs are as low as Ksh. 5 per GB per month. The service doesn’t require any human intervention; once set up, it is good to go.

Their prices range from Ksh. 10,000 per year to Ksh. 50,000 per year.

Also, monthly subscriptions are also available as from Ksh. 1000 per month to Ksh. 5000 per month depending on the package you have chosen

Warm backup is very quick to restore all your applications onto a virtual server on the Angani network and brings your business back to continuity. It supports files, applications, and image backups. This package includes a standby DR faulty VM of capacity 2 GB going for Ksh 3480 with 8 GB during an outage to 32 GB at Ksh 46,400 with 128 GB during an outage.

Replication and High availability services packages are;

  • Managed SLA @ Ksh. 1500/Month
  • VPN Setup @ Ksh. 5000/Year
  • Windows VM 8gb, 160gb HDD (For Replication) @ Ksh. 16,896 Per Month
  • Backup Storage (100mb) @ Ksh. 10000/Year

Angani PABX

Angani offers virtual PBX which is also commonly referred to as cloud PBX.

Cloud PBX eliminates the need of having a physical PBX in your organization as Angani has a PBX sitting in the cloud.

You see, having a cloud PBX as a service is a very economical and efficient way to make telephone calls in your organization. Some of the features include:

  • A virtual PBX that cuts off installation and licensing cost
  • Mailbox for each extension/User Voice, generous quota per mailbox
  • A 30-line Voice IP-Trunk, a voice trunk with hunting numbers and individual extensions, +254-20 landline phone numbers
  • Incoming calls can ring on multiple extensions within a department or a group
  • customized welcoming messages and interactive menus for callers
  • Unanswered calls can be directed to different lines or even mobile phone numbers

Their prices range from Ksh. 2,000 per month for basic package, that is, 20 users to Ksh. 20,000 per month for the enterprise package which is up to 100 users.

Angani VAULT

The Angani Vault server sits in reliable redundant datacenters, with high-speed dedicated connections to all ISPs.

These servers are accessible via multiple fast 1Gbps connections and can store enormous amounts of data. Their servers are also very secure.

Some of the Angani Vault features are;

  • 1 Gbps connections to all ISPs in Kenya
  • Each users data is completely private unless shared, encrypted file transfers and business administrator controls and manages permissions and access rights
  • 2x redundant data centers, up to 3x copies of data are kept to ensure no data loss, and incremental file versions-ensure you can rollback to an old backup copy of the file
  • Allows collaboration between users and customers with data grouped in folders and the same rights given to a specific people group
  • Easy secure access of the date using your mobile phone, it supports both iOS and Android phones

Their prices range from Ksh. 1,000 per month for a basic vault that stores up to 100 GB with unlimited users, to Ksh. 20,000 per month for an enterprise vault that stores up to 5TB of data with unlimited users.

Virtual Office

Angani has combined three of its best services to come up with the best virtual office service there is.  These services include Hosted Exchange (corporate e-mail services), Angani Vault (fast, secure and reliable backup for your data), Angani PBX (Intelligent phone service for your business), and Free Domain registration.

  • The Hosted exchange consists of 5GB mailbox, outlook web & mobile access, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc
  • Angani PBX consists of reliable always on PBX, access to phone service anytime and anywhere, call forwarding service to mobile phone and many more
  • Angani vault gives you 1 TB backup capacity, 2X redundant datacenters, shared folders, easy secure access to data, and many more.

This service goes for only Kshs. 5,000 per month for up to 20 users.

Angani Media

Most media companies face the same frustrations of having expensive CAPEX spending to always purchase more storage and hard disks. Angani Media has come up with a solution for all this.

You can get reliable, secure, cost-effective, simplicity, and ease of accessibility to your data from Angani media.

And the cost is customized to the uniqueness of your media company.

Managed services

Most services in Africa are unique and Angani works to customize their solutions to meet your needs. They help design a private cloud that is tailor-made to meet the needs of your business.

This service is customized based on the uniqueness of your enterprise, therefore, the cost will vary depending on that.

Angani is among the top cloud service providers in East Africa.

Other companies in Kenya with similar services and affordable rates are TRUEHOST and Sasahost.

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