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5 Best Invoice Ninja Open Source Alternatives

Invoice Ninja is an outstanding piece of Features for reporting and analytics: To gain insight into financial performance, reporting and analytics tools are required. These skills can assist you in making sound decisions invoicing software. source. This application is popular among users because it’s open source.

Open source refers to any system that makes its source code free and available for inspection, modification, and enhancement by any individual or corporation.

They can utilize it to add features, solve bugs, and ensure that you get the finest piece of software possible. 

Many businesses evaluate a range of factors while looking for an invoicing solution, one of which is an open-source feature. 

Why does open-source Invoicing matter?

Using an open-source invoicing system is critical to the success of any organization. One of the most significant advantages of using it today is that it is free. Who wouldn’t want a system like that? Plus, most open-source systems perform better than proprietary software.

Benefits of using open-source Invoicing

1. You can alter the code. 

One of the benefits of using open-source software is that you can adapt the code to meet your business requirements. Because the code is available, you may engage any programmer to configure the system for you. The programmer can continue to tweak it until you are satisfied with the system’s features. 

2. It is reasonably priced. 

If you want an invoicing system without paying a monthly subscription fee, open-source is the way to go. The main expenditure you will spend is merely system maintenance, which is usually quite inexpensive.

Some business owners are perplexed as to how open source might be cost-effective. The answer is straightforward: 

Because organizations are not tied to a single provider for coding services, having open-source software is often less expensive. Numerous programmers volunteer to review the software for free. 

3. Competitive advantage

You can gain a competitive advantage by using an open-source invoicing solution.

You’ll be in a terrific position to compete if you can invoice clients faster than your competitors without paying a subscription fee. You may also personalize each invoice to promote your company. For example, you may include your logo design on every invoice.

4. Top-notch security 

Because open-source software is available to the public, it provides an additional layer of protection. Everyone has the chance to review code for accuracy, flaws, and hacks. In this manner, any coding flaws can be detected by multiple sets of eyes. 

In contrast, it may take days or even weeks for proprietary software writers to detect flaws. 

Invoice Ninja features

It has a ton of fantastic features, such as custom-branded invoice design, recurring invoicing, and auto-bill clients, real-time quote creation and bespoke proposals, expense reporting, and so much more! 

Invoice Ninja can also accept online payments through more than 40 payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, and WePay. It also takes payments using credit cards, ACH, Bitcoin, and other methods. 

5 Best Invoice Ninja Open Source Alternatives 

However, despite Invoice Ninja’s numerous advantages, this may not always be sufficient. Certain factors lead to the selection of alternatives. So, here are some of the greatest open-source alternatives to Invoice Ninja. 

#1. Invoicely

For small enterprises, Invoicely is the ideal open-source billing solution. In less than 60 seconds, users may create stylish, professional, and outstanding bills. This software will guide you seamlessly from the estimate to the invoicing. 

Furthermore, invoices made with Invoicely will accept payments from clients located anywhere in the world and in any currency. They can pay the invoice directly.


✔️Invoices generated from Estimates

✔️Recurring Invoicing

✔️Support for any Currency

✔️Online Payments (e.g. Paypal

✔️Track and Bill for Time, Expenses & Mileage

✔️Invoices with Custom Branding

✔️Multiple Business Management

✔️Dynamically Generated Reports with Monthly and Yearly Statements

✔️Income and Expenditure Summaries via AP/AR Tables

✔️Activity Logging


Free Plan

Basic Plan: $9.99 per month

Professional Plan: $19.99 per month

Enterprise Plan: $29.99 per month


•Even in its most basic subscription tier, Invoicely stands out for its extensive feature set.

•The program demonstrates international adaptability by supporting many countries and currencies, hence catering to a global user base.

•Invoicely takes connectivity to the next level by integrating with over 100 applications smoothly.

•Invoicely’s user experience is distinguished by its simplicity and adaptability, making it simple to navigate and configure to individual needs.


•Invoicely’s free version is limited by the lack of custom branding.

•Invoicely’s customization possibilities could be enhanced to better meet the needs of its consumers.

•The lowest affordable edition of Invoicely may have limited capabilities that do not entirely meet the demands of some users.

#2. Bamboo Invoice 

BambooInvoice is one of the greatest free, open-source invoicing software and online payment solutions for independent contractors. Its ease of use is what distinguishes it. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface allows even non-technologists to effortlessly utilize the system. 

You can also create and update invoices while keeping track of them using the client or invoice numbers you set. It alerts you to any outstanding invoices. If that isn’t enough, you can email or generate PDFs from within the application.


✔️Extremely user-friendly and actively utilized software programs

✔️Built using modern coding standards to keep everything running smoothly

✔️Compatible with all current and standard-compliant web browsers

✔️Available in 11+ languages, including French, English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Romanian, Swedish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian, and Estonian. 


a. BambooInvoice is a free and open-source software solution that provides businesses with cost-effective invoicing capabilities.

b. BambooInvoice’s user-friendly interface provides an easy experience for users, even those with low technical knowledge.

c. The software provides customers with customizable invoice templates, allowing businesses to express their unique branding and style.

d. BambooInvoice boosts efficiency by allowing users to track time spent on tasks and expenses incurred.


a]. It may be restricted in terms of features and functionality.

b]. The program may lack the scalability required for larger organizations with more complex invoicing requirements.

c].BambooInvoice may not be as comprehensive as other invoicing software alternatives.

#3. Invoice Plane

InvoicePlane is a self-hosted, open-source billing software solution that allows you to manage your invoices, quotes, clients, and payments. 

So far, the app has over 12,000 users from over 150 countries.


✔️InvoicePlane has an easy-to-use interface.

✔️It supports one-click payments- you integrate it with online payment providers such as Paypal, Stripe, or Coinbase.

✔️InvoicePlane allows you to track expenses.

✔️Easily customizable to make sure it fits all your needs

✔️Multilingual Interface with 23+ languages

✔️Customer management

✔️Easily prepare and send quotes to customers with a single click


a.The software has an easy-to-use interface, making it suitable for both novice and experienced users.

b.InvoicePlane provides personalized invoice templates to businesses, allowing them to exhibit their corporate identity in their invoices.

c.InvoicePlane makes tracking work hours and expenses simple, allowing for thorough financial management.

d.InvoicePlane effectively organizes quotations, invoices, clients, and payments, addressing the full demands of enterprises.


a.The feature set of InvoicePlane may be less extensive than that of other invoicing software systems.

b.InvoicePlane installation and setup may be difficult for people with low technical knowledge.

c.InvoicePlane’s customization capabilities may fall short of those offered by alternative invoicing software systems.

#4.  Dolibarr

This is a free and open-source software that will assist you in managing your bills like a pro. We enjoy how easy it is for developers to install; all they have to do is ask you whatever features you want, and then they can configure it for you. Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, and other modules are included. 


✔️CRM and sales – This feature allows you to manage contacts, create quotes, and process orders.  

✔️Product and stock – You can use this feature to modify prices and product quantity.

✔️Human resources – Use this feature to manage employees’ leave, or approve reimbursement requests. 

✔️Finance and billing – You can use this functionality to pull data into your general ledger. 


a.It is simple to use and has intuitive functionality.

b. Updates and enhancements are made often.

c.Open Source, simple installation in any local or cloud environment that may be customized to meet your needs

d.It has a very short learning curve.


a.Setup of new documents in PDF can be tricky.

b.You have to pay for some modules you need

Factors to consider when choosing an open source Invoicing software 

Choosing the best open-source invoice system can be tough with so many available. Each invoice software delivers distinct features that might help your business grow. 

The following are some important considerations to consider while choosing the finest open-source invoice software: 

a). Documentation and community support: 

For a smooth implementation, consider open-source invoice software that includes dedicated support and documentation.

b). Data security and privacy

Check if the software fulfills industry security requirements and safeguards your sensitive financial information. To maintain data privacy and security, look for features such as encryption, access control, and regular software updates.

c). Scalability and integration capabilities

An open-source software must be able to scale with your business’s growth and interact with other critical tools such as CRM and payment gateways to make day-to-day operations run more smoothly.

d). User interface and usability

Invoice software should be simple to use for you and your team. The invoice software you use should have an easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily set up and manage your invoices.

e). Features for reporting and analytics

To gain insight into financial performance, reporting and analytics tools are required. These skills can assist you in making sound decisions.

Bottom Line

Getting an open-source invoicing system is the way to go if you want to process your invoices faster than your competition. But, with so many fantastic options, making a pick can be difficult. However, keep in mind that you should base your decision on the qualities that are essential to your organization.

The best open-source alternative to the Invoice Ninja solution will be determined by your specific business requirements and preferences. 

Examine your selections, take out free trials, and think about your requirements. Making an educated judgment ensures that invoicing and financial management go smoothly.