3XC Phone in Kenya
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3CX is a the most popular phone system in the world today, with hundreds of service providers located in different parts of the world. The phone system works as cloud hosted PABX, where one uses a desktop or smartphone app to make and receive calls from anywhere.

The 3CX phone allows multiple calls to be made or received using one phone number, by multiple users. This means that with a large team, they can share one phone number and make multiple calls. Since the phone does not use an actual SIM card, one can also use different phone number from different countries.

3CX is the most popular software for SIP phone, and suitable for any size of business. The benefits of using 3CX are:

Benefits of Using 3CX Phone

  • Easy to launch since no hardware is needed.
  • Can work through any type of a smartphone.
  • Low set up cost
  • Allows one phone number can be used in different geographical locations.
  • It allows for monitoring of usage by different users
  • It allows for call forwarding to any number
  • Free local calls among the app users
  • Allows for recorded custom welcome messages.


3CX Phone system can be used in a wide range of scenarios. These include:

  • Small businesses
  • Large organizations and teams
  • Homes
  • Remote teams
  • Call centres

3CX Providers in Kenya

There are several providers of 3CX in Kenya, and their services vary in terms of cost, and their cloud services.

Truehost Cloud Voice offers the most affordable 3CX phone service in Kenya. For more details, visit www.truehost.co.ke/voice

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